How to apply

Registration method

Customers who individually purchase(s) by electronic payment (ie. credit card, EPS & Octopus) for a total of HK$1,000 or more (maximum of 2 same-day-machine-printed invoices at different shops for at least HK$100 each and corresponding electronic payment receipts) by completing registration online within 7 days since the day of purchase and activating membership status together with machine-printed invoice(s) and corresponding electronic payment(ie. credit card, EPS and Octopus) receipt(s) at Park Central VIP Club Counter are entitled to become Park Central VIP Club members and will enjoy unique dining and shopping privileges with personal VIP Club member card.

Members are entitled to earn point by presenting forma machine-printed invoices at different shops for at least HK$100 and corresponding electronic payment receipts, also the VIP card at the Park Central VIP Club Counter. Member must register the transaction with original receipt and redeem the points within 14 days (count from machine printed receipt date) or point valid date (whichever earlier). Expired receipts will not be accepted. Receipts must show clearly the spending amount and required spending information, otherwise will not be accepted.

Points & Gift Redemption Time: 1pm  - 10pm

VIP privilege and special offers

By presenting machine-printed invoice(s) and corresponding electronic payment (ie. credit card, EPS and Octopus) receipt, members are entitled to get 1 point for every HK$100 spending (HK$200 for 2 Points, HK$300 for 3 Points and so on; each member can earn a daily maximum of 100 bonus points and earn maximum 200 bonus points as birthday surprise offer).  Members can redeem fabulous gifts by designated number of points. For details, please refer to the monthly gift redemption poster.

Membership Policy

Applicant must be 18 years old or above. Each member will be issued a Main Card and can apply a maximum of 1 Subsidiary card for his/her child under 18 years old. All points collected by the subsidiary card holders will store into the family pool with main card holders and only main card holder could redeem gifts.

Birthday Bonus

Members will get double bonus points on birthday with a maximum of 200 points.

Year-round offers (launching soon)

Period of validity

The bonus points of Park Central VIP card are valid for 1 year which starts from the issue date of the card. The expired bonus points will be cancelled automatically without prior notice


*Terms & conditions apply ; please refer to corresponding poster in the mall. We welcome for your enquiry and feedback. Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.